Why wasn't my bin collected?

Three strike policy

The Kerbside collection is provided on the condition that you use your recycling bins according to the instructions. Some people have told us that we should stick a handy reminder to the top of the bin lid to remind them of what should go into it. We suggested they take another look at their bin lid. We’ve heat stamped that information onto it.

We have a three strike rule for bin collection

  1. A first strike will result in a bin getting a sticker (like the one below). When our contractors reject a bin, they tick the reason on this list.
  2. A second strike will result in a bin not being emptied
  3. A third strike will result in the bin being removed for three months.


Too much glass?

If you need extra space for recycling glass once in a while our contractors will accept glass bottles in an additional crate, available for purchase from your local council. Please make sure the 'crate' is easy to pick up by not overfilling any of your crates with glass.

Check out these examples of what will and won't be collected

Met the conditions, but still a full bin?

Feel like you've ticked all these boxes and your bin still wasn't collected? Our contractors are people, and sometimes people make mistakes - give us a call and we'll look into it.

  • Hauraki District Council: 0800 734 834
  • Matamata-Piako District Council: 0800 726 267
  • Thames Coromandel District Council: 07 868 0200