Wheelie bin put back scheme

So you can put you can put your wheelie bin and/or recycling crate out, but can't bring them back in (e.g. you'll put it out before you leave your bach, but aren't going to be back for three weeks). No problem! Just register for the bin put back service, and we'll put your bins back inside your property boundary.

How does it work?

Wheelie bin

1. Register for the put back service.

You only need to do this once - then you'll have a log in that allows you to buy stickers or book a put back.

2. Buy stickers

Each time you want to use the put back service, you need to put a sticker on the bin so that the recycling collectors can see that the bin needs to be put back. You can buy stickers right here. Stickers cost $6 each (buying a minimum of five) and cover the cost of the extra time required to put your bin back. You can also buy stickers over the phone by calling 0800 424 990.

3. Book in your 'put back'

You need to book the put back service at least two working days in advance, so the recycling truck driver knows to stop for a put back at your property. You can book a put back online or phone 0800 424 990.

Terms and conditions

Like everything, this service comes with a few t's and c's. You'll need to agree to these each time you buy stickers and book a put back - but the good news is, we've kept them short and to the point (none of this legal guff). Check out the terms and conditions here.


Register       Buy stickers       Book a put back