Collection days

Diagram showing label on the side of the bins

Recycling Calendar

Each wheelie bin is assigned to a specific street address, which is shown on a sticker on the side of your bin.

Every bin has a unique number (shown on the bottom left of the sticker)

On the bottom right of the sticker is a day, and either 1 or 2 (e.g. Tue 1).

  • The day indicates which day your recycling is collected (this is the day for all your rubbish and recycling collections).
  • The number indicates whether your recycling collection is in week 1 or week 2. The calendars below show the collection weeks
    • week 1 collections are shown in pink
    • week 2 collections are shown in blue

black spotBlack spots indicate public holidays. Rubbish and recycling won't be collected on these days.

Blue stripBlue strips indicate changes to rubbish and recycling days due to public holidays. If your rubbish day falls on a blue strip day, it will be collected one day later than usual that week.

If in doubt, contact your local Council for the collection days in your area.




Kerbside in your area

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